Noctua Media GmbH is a marketing startup company that has been founded in 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

The company is mainly known for its vacation & travel portal in Germany.

Besides operating Reiseuhu, in 2020 Noctua Media has developed White Label Solutions for Finance, letting third-party website owners earn affiliate commissions by embedding the white labels on their websites.


The core skill of Noctua Media’s team is planning, creating and measuring performance of marketing campaigns.

Noctua Media’s team is a group of small and young yet passionate, self-motivated, highly-educated individuals.

Small teams have the flexibility to quickly plan, adjust and deliver results. The team has a wide range of expertise, ranging from management, social media advertising, reach optimisation, SEO etc. to web development , web design and conversion-driven UX & UI.


While Noctua Media does not operate as a marketing agency, it is open for cooperations that include online promotion and marketing campaigns.

If you have any idea where we could help, do not hesitate to contact us.