Our biggest project so far is the German travel deal & holiday portal Reiseuhu. The name, translated from German, means “travel owl”.

Our goal is to be the go-to travel portal in Germany for offers with the best price-value ratio and to serve as the best source of travel inspiration for German travellers.

Vacation & Travel Portal

What does the Reiseuhu team do?

Our team of travel experts finds top quality offers for vacation and publishes them on daily basis. All offers are first published on the website, and then are shared on social media channels.

What kind of offers does Reiseuhu publish?

We are constantly looking for cheap travel offers like flights, hotels, vacation houses, all inclusive package holidays, last minute offers, offers to remote and exotic destinations, amusement parks, family trip offers etc.

We not always look for cheap travel deals, we sometimes also look for unusual but yet exciting accommodations: glass-igloos to watch the polar light, remote vacation houses, beach houses with modern design and interior, mountain hotels with breathtaking views and incredible wellness services.

For all offers we publish, we always make sure that the customer reviews are great. We would never suggest people to go somewhere that does not have an excellent rating.

How does Reiseuhu find cheap travel offers?

Sometimes we receive exclusive promotion prices from our partners and sometimes we discover cheaper offers by searching the Internet, like for example when there are new hotel-openings or renovated hotels.

For some offers, the price is cheaper because the departure and return airport are not the same. In many cases, that is not a huge inconvenience for travellers and it’s worth saving the money.

In a nutshell, our travel experts do the complete research like:

  • price comparison
  • traveller reviews
  • picking the travel season
  • hotel location and surroundings, 
  • landmarks
  • nearby restaurants
  • beaches
  • sightseeing activities

And if the price-service ratio is good (the offer is worth the money), they spread the word about it via various communication channels.

All of our team members are experienced and passionate travellers, and they are very well informed and do this travel research dearly.

How do you spread the word about the vacation deals?

The Reiseuhu team is focused on various channels when it comes to spreading the word about the vacation deals: Social MediaMobile Apps and SEO.

Typically, the offers are shared on the Facebook Page and the Instagram Page.

Our mobile apps on Google Play & App Store have the “Travel Alarms” functionality, where users can set up their own criteria for which they want to receive push notifications.

Besides vacation offers, we also inspire people to travel. We use Pinterest as a social media channel for travel inspiration.

Lastly, we put tremendous effort in writing high-quality content, so that people can discover it through search engines. Our SEO strategy is creating great, inspiring and informative content, readable texts and corresponding high-quality images for all travel destinations.

How do you inspire people to travel more?

We have a dedicated travel team whose task is to find, research and publish inspiring content about various travel destinations. The team of experts often publishes content about beaches, interesting cities to visit, national parks and landmarks, less known or unusual travel destinations, but also exotic and tropical destinations.

What we often experience is people discovering our travel guides, lists, images and other visual material by themselves.

We always try to improve our content and also keep it unique – it often includes images and videos of our own travels.

It is really helpful to people who want to go on a vacation somewhere where they have never been before. When they see that our published content is authentic and real people are behind it, it automatically boost their trust.

Our inspirational travel guides are currently our biggest traffic source – our website visitors simply love them!

We have already written over 1.000 travel articles and we are definitely going to continue to do so. You can never run out of topics to write about when it comes to travel & vacation.

You also stand for smart way of travelling. How does Reiseuhu educate people to travel smart?

Being passionate travellers ourselves, we learned some tricks about saving money on flights, hotels, travel services and activities.

Besides the inspirational travel guides, we give travellers tips how to book for and see the world for less money. In the end, we want to show people that travelling does not necessarily mean it costs a ton of money.

For example, we give free tips on booking exclusive hotels for less money, booking flights for less money, or how to get a free upgrade to first class flights or getting the best credit card when travelling abroad.

Another tip we give is to book early, and last but not least is to check the public holidays ahead and combine them to maximise the time you can spend on vacation.