Finance White Labels

In digital marketing, a white label represents selling other company’s products or services under your brand name.

The Finance White Labels are an embeddable software for credit card comparison and bank account comparison. The idea behind it is to enable website owners monetise their traffic by letting their visitors compare the financial products.

Noctua Media Partners Finance White Label Compare Credit Cards & Bank Accounts
The Credit Card Comparison White Label lets users quickly and easily compare credit cards with each other.

Who are the Finance White Labels Useful for?

The Credit Card Comparison White Label and the Bank Account Comparison White Label are very easy to integrate on any website. They are especially useful for websites like:

  • Finance portals
  • Media & news websites
  • Travel portals
If you happen to own a website in any of these industries, chances are our white label solutions will help you monetise your it.

What do the Finance White Labels include?

The Noctua Media finance white labels include two modules:
  • Credit Card Comparison White Label
  • Bank Account Comparison White Label
Each of these white labels are embeddable and easy-to-integrate on third party websites.

Our team checks the credit card and bank account offers on a regular basis and updates it.

While 100% accuracy of the credit card / bank account terms cannot be guaranteed, we still put a lot of effort to provide up-to-date and correct data to customers.

How can a website owner monetise a website with the help of the Finance White Labels?

The white label solution is embeddable as an iFrame or as a subdomain. If you need additional clarification about how it works technically, feel free to contact us.

The business model of the credit card and bank account comparers is affiliate links. It basically means that every time someone signs up for a credit card or for a bank account through your website, you earn commission.

For the website owner the needed effort is almost zero.

Learn more about our credit card comparer & bank account comparer software if you are interested in monetising your website traffic.

Which Countries are Supported in the White Label Solutions?

Noctua Media’s White Label solutions currently support the German market (German Credit Cards and German Banks).

Other markets will be supported soon.

What are the benefits of using a White Label for comparing credit cards or bank accounts?

The benefits of using a white label solution for comparing credit cards or bank accounts are:
  • easy to integrate
  • no need to research, write and regularly update the credit card / bank account offers’ conditions
  • responsive, with professional user interface and user experience
  • customisable colours to match your brand
  • click tracking (optional), compatible with your tracking system or CRM
  • no payment processing and no customer support needed
Our white labels are designed to drive conversions. They are an elegant way to turn ordinary website visitors into customers without any ads or undesired content. Simply integrate it with your website and start earning commissions.

Does the Website Owner need to negotiate with the Banks?

No, not directly. We will do that part for you. Banks are using an affiliate network as an intermediate between them and the advertisers. While they do need to agree to let some website promote their products, that is not up to the website owner.

Noctua Media will take active part into the sign-up process and will help you set up the white label in the shortest time possible so that you can start earning as soon as possible.

What you need to do is sign up for Noctua Media’s Partnership Program and we will get in touch with you soon.

Where can I see the white labels in action?

You can go ahead and check out the demo page. Besides that, our credit card comparison white label is already in use on our credit cards landing page on our other project Reiseuhu as well as on



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